David Everett – Class of 2004

David Everett

David Everett graduated from the College in 2004 and has certainly gone on to make a difference in the World. In 2007 David planned to spend only four months in Western Kenya as part of a volunteer programme but this turned into eight months travelling to Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Since returning to Australia, David has been coordinating with lawyers, builders and government officials in both Australia and Uganda, working on a mission to establish a primary school in Southern Uganda to provide a better future for under-privileged children.

David has partnered with United Future Foundation to build the school which will have 300 students and 10 teachers.  David has already registered the business in Australia and has secured the land from the Ugandan Government. David has returned to Uganda in 2010  to oversee the completion of the school and look for new projects after completing his Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Third World Development Studies. 

David was also the recipient of the first ‘Alumnus of The Year Award 2009′ and was awarded a $2500 cheque to put towards United Future Foundation.

If you would like to know more about the United Future Foundation please contact David on 0403 642 515 or unitedfuturefoundation@gmail.com.