Lucky it was a Leap Year

Lucky it was a leap year- we fitted in a lot!

A highlight of this week has certainly been the preparations for the annual Box Car Rally ! That’s 3 gruelling weeks of preparation, loads of boxes, sticky tape and many students still scrubbing the remnants of paint off their hands. Sadly, due to the forecast of rain, the race has been postponed to next Friday ! So watch this blog next week for the exhilarating results! The Year 12 Prefect Team, put our minds together and  to come up with the perfect theme – POKEMON. This is somewhat personal to our grade. Sentimental, as it brings back memories of hours in front of Cheez TV or better still, the fixated gaze on a game boy screen, enthralled in the world of Pokémon battles.

The Box Car Parade next  Thursday, will allow each tutor group to ‘show off’ their brilliant designs.  I’m certain there’ll be a Pikachu, pokeballs, game boys and many other Pokémon characters and some of these designs will be awarded various certificates for their ingenuity and construction.

This week , we were also involved  in the years  7-12 Swimming Carnival Finals Night. Finalists from each house raced together on Monday night at the Blacktown Aquatic Centre. Swimmers were cheered on by their Heads of Houses, House Captains and family members as they swam against those that were best in their age group.  Finalists from these races will now compete in the HZSA 7-12 swimming carnival, which is scheduled for the 8th of March- we wish them all the best !

Tuesday night witnessed many families attending the ‘Welcome to House’ Evening . Families from Andrews, Robinson and Langdon were invited to come and learn details about the basic foundations of their Houses, as well as an opportunity to familiarize themselves with their patrons. Games were played, and this was followed by a lovely summer afternoon barbeque, where families mingled, chatted and laughed. It seemed like everyone had a most enjoyable afternoon. As the evening ended, we all felt that it was highly successful, as it helped the students bond  together , gaining a better appreciation of the community of our houses.
As a means of praising Christ and everything that He has done for us, the year 12 GLO students celebrated ‘Hands and Feet Week’ on Wednesday. The prefects humbly polished other students’ shoes and free iceblocks and lollies were handed out to senior students, while middle school enjoyed warm ham and cheese toasties, cooked by the GLO team. This event allowed us to be reminded of doing for others with no expectations of anything in return, but instead to make others happy.

God Bless,