2 White has some special friends!

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Did you know that there are an estimated 3,000 different species of stick insects that can be found across the world? Did you know that stick insects have a head, thorax and abdomen? Did you know that they vary in size from the smallest species which is 1cm to the largest species which can grow to a whopping 30cm! Did you know that stick insects can regenerate their limbs if they are broken off and they often sacrifice a limb to escape from a predator?
These are just some of the interesting and fun facts that 2 White have been learning about as they care for two stick insects in their class. Each morning 2W quickly settle down to spend time checking on their special friends ensuring they have enough branches to climb, leaves to eat and access to water droplets on fresh leaves to keep them hydrated.
You can help 2 White care for their stick insects by donating branches from gum trees with leaves. Apparently, they are very hungry little stick insects! (Drop off at main reception)
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