Our Strategic and Master Plan

The Strategic and Master Plan seeks to bring the College purpose statement to life. The Strategic Plan provides an overarching vision for the future of the College, while the Master Plan details the planned campus developments to support this vision.

Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for the period 2017-2021 captures the essence of William Clarke College – ‘A Christ-centred community that seeks to develop extraordinary learners with a passion to serve others’.

The Strategic Plan Snapshot sets out the future direction of the College. It outlines twelve key areas of growth for the future as well as detailed Strategic Initiatives which support one of four focus areas:

Authentic. Committing to the pursuit of genuinely exceptional outcomes in response to ‘Christ our Wisdom'.

Transformative. Developing extraordinary learners with the skill set to ingeniously use what they have learnt.

Relational. Building trusting relationships, character and a passion to serve others.

Sustainable. Acting wisely to maintain and to resource excellence in every area.

Download Strategic Plan Snapshot
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Our Master Plan

The Master Plan envisions how the College site might evolve over the next 10 years. The Master Plan practically supports the College purpose statement through the design and development of community and learning spaces.

In conceptualising the Master Plan, over 50 staff from across the College have been thinking critically and creatively about the types of spaces that they believe will best facilitate rich learning experiences for our students. In preparing students for academic success, the College examined a range of spaces that will cater for more traditional learning experiences whilst preparing our graduates for success beyond success at school. These spaces needed to support teachers in helping develop graduates who can think critically and creatively, problem solve, communicate effectively and work collaboratively.

Within the next ten years, a series of staged developments will be rolled out strategically including:

Stage 1. The development of a new Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics building.

Stage 2. The creation of our new Campus Heart, a place that is central, where the College Community can meet together (including an expanded café)

Stage 3. The finalisation of our new Campus Heart that includes additional classrooms and a new College library.

Stage 4. The building of a new Performing Arts Centre – a design that includes expansive space for outdoor performances and functions.

This Master Plan also includes an expanded play area for our Primary School and brings all Primary School classrooms together.

Importantly, the Master Plan seeks to ‘future proof’ the campus and maintain maximum green space. Ultimately, our goal is to design extraordinary spaces that inspire extraordinary learners. To create spaces that facilitate a love of learning and a place where students feel they belong.

We look forward to sharing regular updates with you as the Master Plan progresses.

Master Plan Update

Dr Scott Marsh, Headmaster provides an overview of the planned developments over the next 10 years and an update on the commencement of Stage 1. 

Watch the latest video update below.

Inspiring spaces

Our new Science, Technology, Engineering, Visual Arts and Mathematics building is presently scheduled to open in Term 1, 2020.