William Clarke College

Why Us

We are a Christ-centred community that seeks to develop extraordinary learners with a passion to serve others. This statement is intrinsically based upon the belief that Christ is the key to unlocking wisdom that gives us all deep understanding and purpose in life.

Headmaster's Address

Dr Scott Marsh

I love my job! Working with young people, whether sharing the joy of learning to read with a Preparatory student or working alongside Year 12 students preparing for their final examinations, the role of an educator is one that is deeply rewarding.

There are many reasons why I believe William Clarke College is a special place. However, the central story that I wish to share is that we have amazing students. I am constantly surprised by stories that time and time again reveal the caring, giving and mature way our students seek to serve each other and others in need. They excel academically, reach great heights on the sporting field and perform brilliantly and beautifully in the arts.

It is my great privilege to work alongside dedicated staff who have a passion to prepare young people for success beyond their success at school. Here, students are supported to progress substantially at school and are challenged to grow in ways that will equip them to thrive in their life beyond the security of the school gates.

As Headmaster of William Clarke College, ‘I AM’ thrilled to lead a Christ-centred community that seeks to develop extraordinary learners with a passion to serve. I commend the College to you and look forward to meeting you in the not too distant future.

Dr Scott Marsh

William Clarke
Purpose Statement

William Clarke College is a Christ-centred community that seeks to develop extraordinary learners with a passion to serve others.

A Christ-centred Community

Our foundation for a Christ-centred community is the love of others in the community.

By creating a safe and supportive environment where students and staff can reflect on and discuss Christ’s teachings, we are able to engage those who are sceptical, encourage those who are seeking, and equip those who have the desire to shape their life around Christ.

While our own relationship with God is uniquely personal, we believe that Christ is the key to unlocking wisdom that gives us all deep understanding for life.

Developing Extraordinary Learners

We believe there is an Extraordinary Learner inside every one of us.

Someone who doesn’t just recite answers, but who can apply and build on their knowledge in new and challenging ways. Extraordinary learners know how to think. They have the resilience to pursue feedback, they embrace hard work and they see their mistakes as pathways to deeper learning. In seeking to develop extraordinary learners who make progress, we recognise how instrumental student wellbeing is in the learning process. We adopt a robust wellbeing framework to support our students throughout their learning journey. We know when students value and commit wholeheartedly to their personal learning progress, their character also benefits.

With a Passion to Serve Others

With our foundation in Christ, we are a servant-hearted community that seeks to know and respond appropriately to the needs of others.

We do not live in isolation. This compels us to be passionate about service that benefits the community and relationships.

We reinforce a community culture that values wellbeing and meeting the need of others at both a local and global level.

Building Character

As a Christ-centred community, we seek to develop character that ultimately brings honour to God.

We value who you are over what you do. Our society is consumed with the question, ‘What are you going to become?’ However, if we pause to consider what is actually important to us as families and individually, we are compelled to ask the much richer and more significant question, ‘Who are you going to become?’

We are committed to developing young men and women of good character. We also explicitly teach the development of character and support students to push beyond their perceived boundaries. Through explicitly teaching six virtues, we wish to work with parents and carers to engage and support young people to develop a deeper understanding of who they will become and, importantly, the person God has created them to be. Central to this language are our six College virtues.

Our Virtues

  • Ingenuity
  • Courage
  • Hope
  • Justice
  • Humility
  • Integrity

Teaching for Understanding

Staff are actively supported to deliver lessons that engage thinking and appropriately extend all our students.

Educators meet regularly to share expertise and work collaboratively to improve teaching skills and learning outcomes for students. We intentionally put a strong emphasis on progress and ensuring teachers are accountable for the impact they have in the classroom.

These four overarching research-based concepts shape our approach:

1. Safe and supportive learning environments. We are an inclusive Christian community with high expectations for behaviour both in learning and community.

2. Explicit instruction. We are committed to high quality teaching practice that centres on the systematic delivery of content and clarity of explanation.

3. Assessment for learning. Our focus is progress. We use and share feedback to proactively inform the next step in the teaching and learning process.

4. Deep understanding. We strive for learning where knowledge and skills are committed to long-term memory and are ably applied to new situations.

Why William
Clarke College?

There are many reasons why families choose William Clarke. Below is a brief insight into some of the reasons why William Clarke College is the Christ-centred community it is today.


We assist students to value and commit wholeheartedly to personal learning progress and seek to develop sophisticated learners who are able to use what they know in creative ways


We seek to engender a passion to serve others in response to God’s love for us


We are relentless in challenging and working with students to live authentic lives which honour God


We believe that quality teachers know their impact, improve and substantially shift student learning outcomes, and therefore we invest continually in their professional growth


We believe that character can be taught and seek to develop virtues that will equip our students to flourish throughout their lives


As a comprehensive College, we value each student’s holistic development and pursue a strengths-based approach to developing their wellbeing


Understanding the positive impact on student learning growth that arises from strong relationships, we value positive partnerships with parents and carers


We intentionally prepare our students for success beyond success at school, equipping students with the emotional maturity and resilience they need to thrive