Year 10 Camp to the South Coast

General News

This week, our Year 10 students have been savouring their time on the South Coast with Southbound Adventures. This camp marks the culmination of our mandatory Outdoor Education program, which aims to nurture character and instil virtues in our students. Yesterday’s weather was ideal for our students to fully engage with the outdoors, participating in various activities. These included learning how to surf, canoeing, bike riding, and discovering ways to contribute to the delicate coastal ecosystem through bush regeneration. After a day packed with enjoyable and meaningful experiences, the students cooked their dinner on camp stoves and undoubtedly had a restful night’s sleep, all set for today’s adventures.

The camp has provided an excellent opportunity for the Year 10 cohort to strengthen their bonds with one another and reflect on their role in the world as guided by their faith. We wish Year 10 a continued enjoyable and safe week, with their return expected on Friday.

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